“Different spaces have different requirements in terms of air preparation. Therefore, it is necessary to design a unique HVAC solution that will fully satisfy all required design parameters. With its individual components or complete solutions for air conditioning and ventilation, Delta Air provides the selection of the optimal solution for a specific project, depending on the specifics and purpose of the facility.”

  • Business premises require precisely prescribed values ​​of temperature and air humidity at the workplace, low noise level, washing of the room without intensive air flow, and individual adjustment of microclimate conditions, because these parameters significantly affect the productivity of employees.
  • Clean room technology requires a high level of air cleanliness, operation in low temperature conditions, easy cleaning and simple maintenance of the equipment.
    Air conditioning systems for hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities should be simple, silent and energy efficient.
  • In the food industry, the most important factor is air quality because it has a direct impact on product quality.
  • In stores and shopping centers, the quality of the air and the number of changes is very important because most customers avoid shopping in establishments where the air is stale and has an unpleasant smell.
  • In the case of public spaces, it is not possible to design a standard solution due to large differences, because on the one hand we have large objects with a dynamic environment (airports, sports halls), while on the other we have calm and quiet spaces (museums, libraries, cinemas).
  • The air conditioning of swimming pools and spa centers must ensure the maintenance of the required level of humidity in the air in addition to other local microclimatic conditions, with high energy efficiency of waste air heat recovery.