Delta Air - modern process systems for air distribution

The driving force of the company is primarily the knowledge, experience and dedication of all employees in creating ideal conditions for comfortable living.

Delta Air - modern manufacturing program

Delta Air is a Slovenian company that has been developing innovative energy solutions in air conditioning and ventilation for more than a decade, in accordance with strict EU regulations and development requirements.


Delta Air, as a manufacturer of ventilation devices, successfully creates optimal solutions for air treatment and distribution at every stage of project development and implementation, with attention to every detail of the system, based on a high level of service and a flexible approach to each individual request.

Production program

The modular design of Delta Air air conditioners and the possibility of creating any configuration allows maximum adaptation to the strictest construction requirements, the desired quality and functionality, with minimal investment and use costs. The production program of the Delta air company includes devices of dozens of different sizes and several different designs: standard, hygienic, pool units, ceiling and compact units.