DELTA AIR is a company engaged in production, representation, sales, technical support in the planning and implementation of KGH solutions. Our products focus on cost-effective ventilation and end-user satisfaction in accordance with European standards and regulations. Our beginnings were very modest, but thanks to high-quality products, flexibility, responsiveness and technical expertise, we have become a reliable business partner of many project companies in the field of development and production of central ventilation and air conditioning systems.



We take care of

  • Our main concern is air quality and ideal comfort conditions in all spaces where people live, work and hang out.
  • We supply state-of-the-art air conditioning and ventilation devices that ensure optimal temperature, humidity and other air quality parameters and ensure adequate air treatment flow.
  • Our priorities are based on partnering with customers and maintaining business relationships based on the principle of being an honest partner.


DELTA AIR d.o.o is a private company that works like a family, so we pay a lot of attention to interpersonal relationships in the company, relationships with clients, as well as the company itself and the community in which we live.


With its competences and development solutions, make your way to the position of the leading supplier of KGH equipment in the region.